PCIT is right if your child  is between the ages of 2-7 and they experience any of the following behaviors:
-   tantrums
-   aggressiveness (hitting, kicking, spitting, biting, throwing objects)
-   difficulty following directions
-   defiance
-   violence/destroying toys or property
-   fights with siblings or other children
-   lacks social skills (sharing, taking turns, playing with others)
-   hyperactivity
-   refuses to listen when told to do something

PCIT is right for you if you experience the following in relation to your child:
-   You have to repeat your commands several times for your child to listen
-   You feel you have to threaten your child before they comply
-   You are "at the end of your rope" with their behaviors
-   Your children refuse to get along
-   You and your partner cannot agree on important parenting skills/techniques 
-   Time-outs and other parenting techniques are not working

-    You are having difficulty understanding your child's functioning
-    There are concerns about your child's cognitive, emotional or behavioral functioning
-    You feel that the school is not providing your child with the right curriculum or assistance
-     You need clarification about a diagnosis, treatment plan, services, or type of program which fit your child's needs.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING is right for children or adolescents if:
-   Your child is experiencing emotional problems.
-   Your child has a  mental health diagnosis that needs to be treated. 
-   Your child has experienced a traumatic event or has a change in functioning 

Dr. Almont provides training for preschool, daycare and elementary school teachers/staff as well as parents on how to handle misbehavior in the classroom. Training includes powerpoint presentations, ongoing consultation and observation/feedback of particularly challenging children.