Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
PCIT assists parents of children with behavioral problems (aggression, non-compliance, defiance, temper tantrums, poor sibling relationships, etc.).  Please see the Parental Checklist to determine if PCIT is appropriate for you and your child.  In PCIT, the parent and child are in the therapy room and the therapist is in an observation room communicating with the parent while they interact with their child in different situations. This is achieved by using high tech audio equipment where the parent wears a wireless earpiece and is coached by the therapist (who wears a headset with microphone) on the other side of a one-way mirror. The parent is coached on how to reduce their child's misbehaviors and gain compliance.

PCIT was originally developed by Dr. Sheila Eyberg for children with ADD and ADHD. However, since it’s creation over a decade ago, PCIT has been tailored to work with children who have other diagnoses. PCIT was developed and studied with children between the ages of 2-7, but it has shown excellent outcome with children up to age 10 and the results can last for many years after their treatment ends. 

PCIT has been proven to be successful at decreasing children’s negative behaviors, teaching effective discipline techniques and improving the parent-child relationship.   PCIT is a treatment program that focuses on two main goals: 

            1)   Decrease behavioral problems in children. 
            2)   Reduce parental stress 

At the beginning of treatment, parents will be asked to provide information about 1) the child's behaviors; and, 2) parental stress level. Treatment is structured and individualized according to the need and usually lasts approximately 14 sessions. At the end of treatment, parents fill out the same two questionnaires to measure how much progress has been made. PCIT clients recieve one observation/consultation where the therapist will observe the child in school or other setting.

Psychological Testing
This type of testing is performed by a licensed clinical psychologist. Testing can be used to assess mental health diagnoses, cognitive (IQ), emotional, behavioral or developmental functioning, or to provide recommendations for school, work, placement and mental health treatment. See the parental checklist to see if this service is appropriate for you or your child.

Individual Counseling
Mental health counseling can cover a number of different areas.  Counseling can address mental health issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, bi-polar, grief, trauma, etc.) or it can be used to help solve interpersonal, behavioral or relationship issues.  Please call to find out how individual counseling can be most helpful for you or your child.


Teachers or directors, do you have children in the class who have:

· Difficult-to manage behaviors
· Diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Bi-Polar, Sensory Integration, etc.

Are your teachers needing education or training on understanding child mental health or how to manage behaviors in the classroom? Perhaps there are parents who need help understanding your concerns.  We can help!

We offer training for teachers and staff. Training  begins with a meeting with the Director to determine what information will be most helpful and what areas your staff will need the most training.  After an individualized training outline is determined, a training will be scheduled according to the needs of the school. 

Your staff will receive a PowerPoint presentation, handouts,specific tools to handle difficult behaviors in the classroom as well as education on certain types of children and their mental health needs.  Trainings will include hands-on practice of the skills, training video clips, and resources.  We can also provide observation and feedback about specific students. This includes Dr. Almont attending the class to observe for up to 2 hours and then provide a feedback session to include the staff and/or parents. During feedback, specific information and analysis will be offered as well as tips and recommendations for how to help that child succeed.

 Dr. Almont provides training for teachers, preschool teachers, daycare providers and others who work with children on how to manage misbehavior.Please contact Dr. Tanda Almont (916) 770-6166  to schedule your training or observation today!


Call: 916-770-6166